1:1 Coaching with Windy

Hi, I'm Windy! 

I don't take myself too seriously. 

But I take your marketing strategy very seriously. 

I was in the marketing trenches for 20 years. My wisdom comes from experience {i.e. those painful lessons learned the hard way*} and not from a textbook {remember those?}. I've crafted marketing strategies for bigass companies and teeny, tiny part-time side hustles. 

Here's the deal: Marketing is the fuel 🚀  that runs any company’s sales engine, whether a corner lemonade stand or a global corporation. While the tactics may vary, the principles are the same across all industries and company sizes. 

I now have the honor and privilege of working one-on-one with female microbusiness owners so they can significantly impact their sales initiatives by deepening their understanding of marketing principles. 

It's only the best job ever.


  • You own a business,
  • You have some big honking dreams,
  • You are passionate about your business and who you serve,
  • Your marketing is not converting to sales,
  • You are committed to your success,
  • You aren't afraid of snakes. {Just kidding! I wanted to make sure you were paying attention.}


My goal with one-on-one clients is to create a successful marketing footprint to support sales initiatives as quickly as possible. Once the footprint is built and the strategies and tactics are understood, the marketing process becomes highly repeatable. Helping you make mo money in less time is my jam!

To do this, I work with you to ensure you have:  

  • a clearly-defined buyer persona,
  • brand standards that accurately reflect your vibe,
  • the dreaded competitive analysis {you're allowed to hate it, but you still gotta do it},
  • a value proposition that knocks your socks off,
  • a rockin' sales and marketing funnel that is highly aligned with your customer journey,
  • an irresistible marketing message,
  • an actual, implementable strategy with some sexy goals and metrics. 

Bottom line: I'm here to help you get that chedda! 


I am a marketer, after all. 

"Windy Lawson has been an amazing support to me in my efforts to launch my microbusiness. Windy has helped me find clarity, a clear strategy, and a detailed plan. Through Windy’s coaching, I have learned so much about creating a budget, setting realistic goals, and understanding where there were gaps in my processes. I highly recommend working with Windy to all my sister entrepreneurs."
Heather Cherrington

"Windy Lawson truly is passionate about what she does. I love her fun-loving personality while still being straight-forward and to the point. She calls it like she sees it, and focuses on finding solutions. I am so glad I found her and I definitely would recommend her."
Phyllis Whetsel

"Working with Windy is amazing and heartfelt."
Joni Kinney


    • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions held via Zoom
    • Recordings of our sessions so you can replay at your convenience
    • Text, email, and/or Marco Polo availability 
    • A shitload of accountability
    • Homework, because knowledge is great, but taking action is better. 


    I can't promise that you'll make a bazillion dollars if you work with me. But I can promise that you will have a deeper understanding of how to effectively market your business and will know the exact steps to take to make a bazillion dollars. 

    If that sounds like something you're down for, complete the application now. Just like the Colonial Life commercials, there's no obligation by applying. 🤣  If I think we're a good fit, I'll email you a link, typically the following day, to book a complimentary call so we can chat further. 

    *Past mistakes include spelling Matchbox 20 wrong in an ad; having a product launch at 5pm on Friday without informing Tech and then crashing the website; forgetting to list a price/listing a price wrong; holding a press conference for the president of a university with no microphone or podium; I could keep going but I need to send some thank you notes to previous bosses for not firing me... 

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